Week of 3/27

I am looking forward to seeing your Chapter Challenges. [Don’t wait until Sunday night to work out the details.]

Sec 8 p 680-2 Physics Talk; p 682 Checking Up; p 684 What Do You Think Now?; p 685 Essential Questions, Reflecting; p 686 Physics To Go #1-3
p 686-9 Physics to Go #4-8; p 700-1 Physics You Learned (study); p 704 Connections to Other Sciences; p 705 At Work; Come to class with questions about Chapter 6
Chapter 8 Section 1 p 795-800 Physics Talk; Coulomb’s Law video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JdgxF84mSY;  p 800 Checking Up; p 803 What Do You Think Now?, Reflecting;
p 805 Physics to Go #1-8, 14-19; Complete Chapter 6 Challenge

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