Week of 4/24

It’s a big week so keep plugging away.  If you have questions, please post them to the blog.  You may not be the only one with that question.

Seth will be bringing in his robot for demonstration on Monday, 5/1. 🙂

We will probably be inviting the middle school science class to see your Chapter 9 Challenges on 5/15 so make sure they are accurate and engaging.

Sec 3 p 924-7 Physics Talk; p 927 Checking Up; p 928 What Do You Think Now?; p 929 Essential Questions, Reflecting; p 930-1; p 930 Physics to Go #1-4
p 930-1 Physics to Go #5-8; Sec 4 p 932-4 Investigate #1-3 (to be turned in 5/1); p 935-7 Physics Talk (This should be familiar.  If not, bring questions to class.)
 p 939 What Do You Think Now?; p 940 Essential Questions, Reflecting; p 941-2 Physics to Go #1-7
Sec 5 p 945-8 Physics Talk; p 948 Checking Up; p 951 What Do You Think Now?, Essential Questions; p 952 Reflecting; p 952 Physics to Go #1-7

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