Week of 5/8 (Almost Done!)

On Monday, May 15 we will convene in our regular room and take some time to review the chapter. Please come with questions as there will be a test on Chapter 9 and a final exam emailed to your parents next week. Then we will go to the cafe and view the MS science videos.  You will present your Chapter 9 Challenge to their class as well as ours.  (If you have items needed for the CC, you can leave them in the cafe.)  Afterwards, we will play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? against the MS class.  I hope you dominate!!

p 968 Physics Talk, Checking Up; p 969 What Do You Think Now?; p 970 Essential Questions, Reflecting; p 970-1 Physics To Go #1-2
p 971 Physics to Go #3- 11,  Inquiring Further (do this)
p 983-5 Physics Talk;  985 Checking Up; p 986 What Do You Think Now?, Essentials, Reflecting; p 992 Connections to Other Sciences; p 993 At Work (with Neil deGrasse Tyson!)
p 987 Physics to Go #1-8; Complete Chapter 9 Challenge



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